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Unlock the Benefits of IP Telephony

Holmesglen Institute of TAFE is the largest TAFE in Victoria, operating across three campuses in Chadstone, Moorabbin and Waverley, offering over 600 courses to 50,000 students, with a staff of 2,000. Holmesglen was also a sponsor and training provider for 15,000 volunteers at the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games.

Since its establishment in 1982, Holmesglen has earned an enviable reputation for excellence and innovation in the development and delivery of vocational education and training. Selective adoption of Information Technology internally contributes significantly to Holmesglen’s reputation for innovation and excellence.

The Challenge

  • Holmesglen’s IT Helpdesk hunt group directing callers to a message box even when Agents available.
  • Campus Operator call loads unbalanced and generating increased delays.

The Solution

Install IPFX’s Unified Contact Center to effectively manage call direction and Operator loads.

The Benefits

  • Increased customer focus
  • Faster call response times
  • $50,000 call cost savings
  • Enhanced call management and reporting

The Benefits

“We started with IPFX Voicemail and Cisco Call Attendant to manage incoming queues to a central location. Because Employment Services had four offices in four suburbs there were too many variables in it for a hunt group to work,” explained Ron Gascoigne, Holmesglen Institute of TAFE Manager, Information Technology.

The IT Helpdesk hunt group was directing callers to a message box even when Agents were available and campus operator call loads were unbalanced and generating increased delays.

“So, we looked at the IPFX Unified Contact Center solution to set up proper incoming queues. Then, we could manage them and distribute calls to the appropriate people.”

“We’re noticing an enormous improvement in our quality of customer service. One of the complaints we had was that callers would ring and ring and go to voicemail without any contact with a human. Now, if the primary contact is not available they are diverted to a second, third or further backup who can handle their enquiry immediately.

We are now more focused on providing service to our customers.” Because Holmesglen initially chose IPFX Voicemail in conjunction with their Cisco IP Telephony platform it gave them the scope down the track to use more IPFX components than just voicemail.

An IPFX consultant explains the Holmesglen situation further: “Hunt groups can have a high drop out rate and voicemail can then create a multiplier effect. Callers who have already left messages start leaving more messages. Staff then have to trawl through logged calls to obtain caller details and contact them. IPFX provided Holmesglen with hunt group consolidation and vastly improved call flow management.”

Why IP Telephony?

Ron Gascoigne explains Holmesglen’s decision to move to Voice Over IP was “part of our gradual migration to current technologies. It wasn’t feasible to expand our existing Ericsson system to cater for the extra growth from our large building program.

It was seen as an opportune time to adopt Voice over IP (VoIP) for all new building projects and future renovations.” “We looked at the cost of maintaining our Ericsson equipment and it’s not really worth it so we’ll accelerate our move to the IPFX system over the coming year.”

“IPFX have always been a very easy company to work with. They take the time to sit down and make sure they fully understand your business needs and what you’re trying to achieve before they start recommending solutions.” Ron then added, “IPFX really do make you think the problem through. You know you’re going to get the right solution the first time, not something that is almost right and then have to make changes in the future.”

Immediate Benefits of IPFX

The IPFX Unified Contact Center is one of the most advanced IP Contact Center applications available today. It can scale from just a few Agents up to thousands of Agents with immediate business and financial benefits according to Ron. “We’ve changed our four remote employment services offices to IPFX Unified Contact Center and they are saving about $50,000 a year on their fixed line fees.”

Ron says that “IT staff have been very supportive. The Employment Services people found the IPFX Unified Contact Center software very easy to learn and use, adapting quickly and positively to the application.” “Business Services have been very happy with IPFX Unified Contact Center. The Cisco Call Attendant and hunt group setup wasn’t allowing them to get to their calls quickly enough and they were losing calls. They were complaining bitterly. With IPFX Unified Contact Center that complaint has disappeared entirely.”

Reporting from the Front Lines

Ron confirmed that the IPFX Unified Contact Center provides comprehensive and flexible reporting of all Unified Contact Center activities. “We’re looking at how long people sit in queues. How many calls are being taken. The call abandon rate and how long people will hang on before they abandon the call. All things we couldn’t see in the past.”

“There are many layers of reporting possible, but at the moment the abandoned call rate on queuing is one of the most important statistics we’re gathering,” advised Inno de Graauw, in charge of Holmesglen’s Network Performance Monitoring. “We are now able to detect abandoned calls which is very useful. The number of calls lost in the early days was, say 35-40%. We’ve halved that by using IPFX Unified Contact Center. Over time, we’re turning it back and losing fewer and fewer calls.” To find out more about Holmesglen TAFE, refer to www.holmesglen.edu.au

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