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IPFX has taking our proven, enterprise voice features and sophisticated Unified Communications (UC) and Collaboration applications to the cloud using our Intelligent Device Cloud (IDC). The IPFX IDC is a complete UC solution including Enterprise Voice, Mobility, Desktop Productivity, Video, and the industry leading IPFX Empower feature set.

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The IDC integrates across multiple desktop platforms including MS Office, Office 365, Gmail, Lync, Lotus Notes and more. The IDC eliminates the need for costly platform upgrades by utilising your existing infrastructure and gives you full UC benefits TODAY.

The IPFX IDC is a fully featured SIP-based voice platform delivered across the Services Backbone of the GovDC. The IPFX IDC does not require expensive, complex add-on’s to perform your existing PABX functions should you require them. Departments can continue to use existing handset device types, thus significantly reducing the cost of transition to GovDC. Moreover, the SIP Gateway function provides departmental access to the market-leading call rates across multiple Teleco’s, thus further reducing
operational costs.