TaaS - Meeting Rooms

Meeting Rooms as a Service – TaaS

  • Collaboration

    Increase your business’ strategic value with VideoFX’s enhanced collaboration integration. Where traditional conferencing systems fail at making collaboration simple for users, we make it easy for team members to share ideas and collaborate on content in real time.

  • Rich content sharing

    Encourage your users to increase their productivity in meetings with the rich content sharing capabilities offered within VideoFX. When users need to share a presentation or other content, they can easily choose from a variety of different methods.

  • Display Management

    Control multiple displays with our easy to use display management menu. Our intuitive and dynamic solution allows users to choose a preferred screen layout in the meeting room.

  • Integrated Applications

    Make your meeting rooms a true hub for teamwork. VideoFX has the ability to integrate popular Windows 10 applications to make your meetings more effective. Enhance collaboration, accelerate decision-making and achieve more.

  • BrainstormFX

    BrainstormFX is a native and integrated VideoFX application add-on that allows users to collaborate and brainstorm on ideas and projects. This unique application allows organisations to have an improved and continuous workflow. When the meeting is done, take your ideas with you.

  • Room booking

    Remove the confusion of booking rooms, interrupting meetings, or double bookings with our room booking add-on. With this add-on, users can optimise their room booking choices with the ability to view room availability, size, and equipment. Find the perfect room for every single meeting with all the information you need at your fingertips.

  • Customised branding

    Your brand and logo communicates the values of your company. VideoFX offers organisations the ability to integrate their own branding into the meeting room solution. Engage with your users and customers by reimagining the modern workplace and making the meeting room system not just a tool for communication, but a part of your work culture.

  • Recording

    Recorded presentations, lectures, meetings, and shared content can be easily distributed to people right from the meeting room.


VideoFX is an all-in-one workspace solution that is optimised for Skype for Business (SfB), allowing users the ability to join meetings with one touch and collaborate with in-room or remote participants on desktop, mobile, or other room systems.

An adaptive video conferencing and collaboration solution designed to meet the needs of all work spaces including huddle rooms, open spaces, large conference rooms, classrooms, or auditoriums.

Designed to be hardware agnostic, we allow our customers to use the best of breed hardware to create solutions that meets their needs while allowing the re-use of most existing hardware.