TaaS - Unified Communications

Unified Communications TaaS offerings

  • Dynamic Cloud (SfB) Hybrid - Shared Service

    Multiple Subscribing Parties can share SfB infrastructure, lowering the monthly subscription for the service. The Service connects to our Office 365 Tenant providing SfB Hybrid connectivity allowing users to be dynamically moved between the local pool and Office 365.

  • Dynamic Cloud (SfB) Hybrid - Dedicated Service Service

    This service is deployed for a single Subscribing Party. The Service can connect to the Subscribing Party's existing/ new Office 365 Tenant providing SfB Hybrid connectivity allowing users to be dynamically moved between the local pool and Office 365.

  • Dynamic Cloud – Shared Service

    The Flex Service offers the flexibility for Subscribing Party’s to easily extend functionality to existing (legacy) devices while lowering cost of ownership by providing alternative voice capability with the familiar look and feel of SfB.

  • Dedicated Cloud (SfB) - Cloud Voice Service

    The Cloud Voice Service is based on Microsoft's SfB Cloud Connector Edition (CCE}, allowing a Subscribing Party to leverage their existing Office 365 and SfB Online subscription while introducing a local PSTN breakout. The Dedicated Cloud solution can support up to 1500 simultaneous PSTN calls.

Value added benefits

  • The improvement in worker productivity through features such as instant messaging, desktop sharing, and conferencing services.
  • Wide range of device support – Skype for Business (SfB) mobile clients available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. SfB allows users to be reached on any device running the SfB application, this means that messages, calls and videos can be responded to or accessed independent of a fixed location or of specific hardware devices. The analogy here is that you are communicating with a person and not a fixed place.
  • SfB allows for conference access for all meetings. These conferences can easily switch from voice to video and desktops can be shared between participants, therefore increasing productivity as users can join meetings remotely without having to have a specific conference booked for each meeting. This is great for remote staff as it reduces their need to travel. It also means that should the need arise; meetings can be convened at very short notice and team members who are not on site can participate fully.

Dynamic Cloud is the next generation of cloud services for Microsoft Skype for Business (SfB) users. It is ‘Dynamic’ as it allows organisations much more flexibility and cost control than the regular SfB offerings from Microsoft or other systems integrators.

For all organisation sizes, Dynamic Cloud opens the door for clever user analysis and management. We help you determine the right mix of Private and Public cloud usage to deliver the right mix of licensing costs, reliability, bandwidth management, security and additional functionality required which is unavailable from other suppliers.

Each of the Dynamic Cloud Base Services offers users Enterprise Voice, Presence and Instant Messaging, address book and directory search, content sharing and desktop collaboration tools, peer to peer audio and video, softphone and hard phone support, on demand call recording and video conferencing (enabled for PSTN access) via a soft client and supports the ability to Federate with other Subscribing Party’s using SfB. While the Flex Service allows Cisco and other SIP handsets to be utilised on SfB and delivers additional mobile integration.