Seamless access to communication

IPFX Solutions ensure mobile and remote employees have seamless access to the communications network and applications.

It’s easy to support employees working from home, allowing your organisation to significantly reduce office real estate costs, or to employ workers with scarce skills, wherever they are located. Plugin-and-work has never been simpler.

IPFX CONNECT™ allows single-number access, making it easier for colleagues, customers or suppliers to reach users whether they are in the office, working remotely or travelling on the other side of the world.

Additionally, with real-time conferencing and collaboration, it’s possible to immediately connect with customers and business partners in a “better than live” experience – greatly enhancing service levels.

Your voice communication needs

IPFX has mobility clients for Android, iPhone and Windows 8 devices, so users can benefit from many of the IPFX Unified Communication features previously only available to desk phone users.

Features such as Presence, single voicemail box (with Presence-based greetings) and IPFX Contact Centre integration are all available.

With IPFX Mobility, users are able to search the internal directory for Presence states of others, using their mobile phone.

Another key feature is its integration with the IPFX Directory, so that workers back in the office (subject to the mobile network) can view the user’s Presence, even if the call is made directly to the user’s mobile.

Users now have the option to choose any combination of desk phone and mobile, or mobile only, in order to meet their voice communication needs.