IPFX Presence

IPFX Presence communicates the availability of colleagues in real time, and shows when and how best to contact them, should they be unavailable. Presence was pioneered by IPFX in 1995 and has continued to be the most advanced and comprehensive solution available.

By researching the effectiveness of traditional Unified Communications in practice and combining our knowledge and insights with that of experts in productivity psychology, neurology and leading business consultants, we thoroughly understand the challenges of using current solutions. This has led us to develop the next generation of technology.

Users can utilise Presence information to display graphical icons showing staff availability at a glance, and can even identify skill sets, so customer calls are always routed to the most appropriate person. In addition, users can define how incoming calls are routed according to a user’s Presence status. For instance, if they are in a meeting, all calls could automatically go to their voicemail, or if they are out of the office but still want to receive calls, these can be automatically routed to their mobile.

Integrating Presence functionality

  • A choice of eleven advanced Presence states (office, meeting, do not disturb, gone out, gone for the day, holiday, sick, break, away on business, personal time, queue).
  • Integration with Outlook/Lotus Notes calendar, Out-of-Office assistant, directories, Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Google calendar and other key business applications.
  • In addition, the Presence states can be tailored to better suit your business needs.
  • Automated changing of voicemail based on Presence states.
  • Having date and return times available for all your Presence states for internal users.
  • Awareness of Presence states on the operator console as incoming calls arrive to ensure unnecessary call handling.