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Organisations today are struggling to keep pace with the changing face of communications technology. With numerous devices such as tablets, laptops, PC’s and mobile phones now available, the management of communications on multiple platforms has become extremely challenging.

The world of communication is constantly evolving and businesses must keep in step with technological advances – integrating their systems in order to operate seamlessly and profitably. Unified Communication is now a necessity.

Geographic distribution is standard for many businesses, with multiple offices and a mixed workforce of remote, part time, flexible or job-sharing workers. Complexity is increasing and it’s getting harder to connect with people quickly and efficiently.

IPFX is in the unique position of being able to provide our customers with multiple solutions for Unified Communications.

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When your teams aren’t connected your business won’t be.

IPFX Communications – the right fit your your business

 IPFX UC Suite


IPFX’s suite of applications has been integrated with Cisco’s Unified Communications Manager since 2001 and as such was one of the first applications available on this IP PBX.

IPFX Director

IPFX Director

The IPFX Director Solution is designed to operate on a single Microsoft Windows® server, IPFX Director includes an IP PBX for call control along with an integrated suite of applications.

Why connect?

As the world’s leading innovator in Unified Communications technology, IPFX understands the need for smart and intuitive communication that can connect users, whatever their location.

Real-time and cost-effective collaboration is paramount in today’s business world, thereby changing how individuals, groups and organisations conduct business.

IPFX CONNECT™ is the most feature-rich Unified Communication Solution available on the market. It’s a highly flexible, IP telephony system that’s scalable and simple to manage – offering significant benefits for individuals, operators and contact centres. With an intuitive look and feel, it’s easy to connect and communicate with contacts anywhere, anytime.

IPFX EMPOWER™ Introducing unprecedented levels of functionality control and flexibility that completely re-define the way in which people work.

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