Call Recording


Call Recording

IPFX Call Recording solutions enable you to record telephone conversations to a digital file format, with a choice of two solutions to cater for different levels of need—IPFX ad-hoc call recording and IPFX Voice Capture.

Ad-hoc call recording is a standard feature of the IPFX Unified Communications suite. You can record an entire conversation (or segments of it) for retrieval at a later date.

Recorded calls are delivered to your email inbox and can be stored, forwarded, played back and reviewed in the same manner as IPFX voicemails.

The IPFX Voice Capture module

Records calls across selected individuals or teams and archives them on a central server for business and legal purposes.

Search options:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Queue number
  • Extension number
  • Caller line identification
  • Account code
  • Note

PCI Compliant Call Recorder

In the IPFX PC clients, the agent can select a software button manually on their PC to start suppression and then resume recording (with our Contact Centre Solution).

Software developers can manage the voice recorder with their own software or applications by using the IPFX PCI API. For example, when a credit card number field is entered, the host application can call the IPFX PCI API to suspend recording and again call it to resume on exit of the numeric field(s).

Dedicated PCI Application runs transparently in the background on each agent’s PC as a Windows service. The PCI Application automatically triggers suppression when the agent opens a card-payment application or programme to capture sensitive data. Recording resumes when the application is closed.

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