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IPFX’s Unified Contact Centre includes all the advanced features you would expect from a state-of-the-art solution, plus many additional features unique to IPFX. With IPFX Unified Contact Centre, queues are able to support any combination of Agents with varying skill sets – ensuring that calls are delivered to the most appropriate Agent.

A key benefit of the IPFX Unified Contact Centre is its ability to integrate with IPFX Unified Communications; the commonality of components of both solutions allows an organization to leverage spend in areas such as communication platform and data infrastructure.

Effective Unified Contact Centres assist business by efficiently managing resources to enhance customer relationships while keeping overhead costs low. IPFX Unified Contact Centre runs on a single server to enable a high level of flexibility and manageability with a lower total cost of ownership. Ultimately, IPFX Unified Contact Centre is one of the most user-friendly, dynamic, scalable, feature-rich solutions available. This is particularly important when call volumes are unpredictable or external events impact on Unified Contact Centre planning.

Intelligent Call Routing

Key to the success of any Unified Contact Centre is the ability to professionally handle and manage customer communications, delivering them efficiently to the most appropriate Agent.

With IPFX Contact Centre, Agents can simultaneously belong to an unlimited number of queues, enabling the highest level of customer service. IPFX provides a number of advanced modules to enable you to tailor Unified Contact Centre queues to meet your customers’ needs.


Single Server

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Traditionally Contact Centres have required a complex array of servers to provide advanced functionality such as skills-based routing, multi-site networking, and multi-media queuing.

These servers often had separate management interfaces, which meant the task of adding a new Agent required repetitive administration across multiple interfaces. IPFX simplifies such procedures by providing a single server architecture for Contact Centres, driven by a simple and easy-to-use administration interface.

Queue Management

IPFX Unified Contact Centre, through its Microsoft Windows-based user interface, allows Supervisors to set up rules for handling unusual events. This means that events such as seasonal changes, customer contact peaks, and staff disruptions can have rules pre-set to efficiently manage them by dynamically adjusting queue properties.

Supervisors can adapt queue details internally so the most appropriate staff are available to meet varying communication needs. Call routing can be managed via Skill based routing, number of calls queuing, queuing time or preferred agent routing for repeat callers.

The system has been set-up so Martin will only receive calls if there are three or more calls waiting, or they have queued for longer than ten seconds. David Blackwood, a new staff member, has been allocated a low skill level to ensure he is one of the last Agents in the queue to receive enquiries; you can see that calls are only delivered to David if they have queued for longer than fifteen seconds or if there are five or more unanswered calls in the queue.




IPFX Mobility enables mobile phone users to enjoy the many benefits of IPFX Unified Communications including advanced features such as Presence and voicemail (with Presence-based greetings) that previously were only available to desk phone users.

IPFX Mobility allows Supervisors to manage the Unified Contact Centre from beyond the confines of the office. Supervisors can use IPFX Mobility to remotely check the status of the Unified Contact Centre and need not be anchored to the office in order to perform their duties.


  • Search the internal IPFX Directory to view the Presence states of colleagues. This benefit is two-way – users based in the office are also able to see real-time Presence status of all remote IPFX Mobility users.
  • See details of calls received at their desk phone (uniquely including the caller line ID details), and choose if they wish to pick-up this landline call on their mobile phone.
  • Have the ability to use a single IPFX voice mailbox for both office landline and mobile phone calls.

Agent Routing

Enables preferential callers to be identified by their phone number/account number and sent to VIP groups for special attention. This module also enables virtual account management processes where callers can build relationships with specific Agents and automatically be transferred to them whenever possible.

IPFX Unified Contact Centre can be configured to use Caller Line ID or customer number information to route customer calls to specific Agents. If a customer makes a follow-up call within a predetermined period, their call will automatically be diverted to the last Agent they spoke with. To ensure prompt handling, the call will be delivered to the next available Agent if the call queues for longer than 10 seconds.

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Call Recording


Many organisations today have the requirement to record phone calls – either for regulatory or for staff training requirements.

IPFX’s Call Recording solution is designed and developed by IPFX to integrate tightly into IPFX Unified Communications and Unified Contact Centre deployments. Calls are recorded onto the call recording server and then subsequently archived onto alternate storage media. The calls may then be retrieved as required by approved users.

Call Recording can be a critical function and IPFX has years of experience of designing and deploying call recording solutions.

CRM Integration

IPFX CRM Integration allows IPFX for Outlook users to access Microsoft CRM (Customer Relationship Management) information from an incoming call and to directly dial out from a CRM contact screen.

IPFX can enable on-going synchronisation between your Active Directory environment by using the IPFX CTI Server and IPFX Microsoft CRM plug-in, Salesforce and other CRM’s (please contact your IPFX Solutions Consultant for a list). Users can dial records automatically by clicking on the relevant fields within the CRM. This capability increases employee productivity and improves customer service by giving the user immediate access to data during the incoming or outgoing call.

Custom Survey


Every business wants to retain its customers – but did you know, research has shown that it costs five times more to attract a new customer than it does to retain a current one? With that kind of money at stake, it makes sense to make a low-cost investment in a customer survey.
Unhappy customers mean lost profits and reputation; so listening to your customers can be vital to good business. By receiving feedback directly from your customers, you can better identify and fix problems before customers decide to take their business elsewhere.

Importance of end of call survey

Customer surveys are essential for any company that is committed to customer retention. With this in mind, IPFX has designed an effective customer survey product that enables you to see how your customers feel about the product and services you provide. Not only are customer surveys quick and inexpensive to produce, they are also guaranteed to yield invaluable results, develop customer loyalty and increase long-term profitability.

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